Converse One Star x Grey: Nicaragua

What were you doing this March? Whatever it was, we guarantee you it wasn’t half as fun as what the Converse Europe ambassadors were getting up to. Mike Arnold, Remy Taveira and Sylvain Tognelli geared up for a fortnight of solid sessions, exploring the ins and outs of the South American dream that is Nicaragua. Along for the push was Henry Kingsford, who some of you may know from his work in Grey Skateboard Magazine.

One Star
Remy Taveira

When you think of South America, you don’t automatically think “skate paradise”, paradise maybe… but not skate paradise. But Nicaragua has something inherently similar to Europe… It’s lack of textbook American smooth-as-f*ck pavements.

One Star
Sylvain Tognelli

Now, add on top of that the unforgiving equatorial climate, many active volcanos and one or two baseball bat-wielding locals and you’ve got seven minutes of colourful skate-ecstasy. Filmed on both 16mm and VX, and stitched together with an original, ambient score. This taste of the southern hemisphere is one not to be missed – same goes for the 40-page feature publication by Kingsford. Get, get, get it.

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