7 skatepark mistakes you should never make…

We all started in the same place: we were all skatepark noobs at one point. For some of you, it may still be a recent thing, and well, for the rest of you, it may feel like a lifetime ago (and may actually be). But what do you do when you roll up to the park to ensure you don’t look like a premium kook to the rest of the skaters? Well, to save you the embarrassment and foul looks from other skaters, we’ll give you a hint (p.s by hint, we mean we’re going to tell you).

7. Don’t ride “toy” skateboards

cheap boards

These consist of anything you may have picked up at a high street store for less than £20. Don’t get us wrong, everyone starts somewhere. But, these are poor representations of skateboards. So, if this is you, do yourself a favour and check out our best beginner skateboards guide. You’ll thank us later.

6. Don’t sit on ledges…


There are nearly always benches at skateparks, so sit on those. Maybe sit on the side, perhaps on the grass, but there is absolutely no reason to sit on bits of the park that are being skated. Ever.

5. Don’t over-wax 

waxed ledge

No really. Dude, we all enjoy a buttery ledge… but there’s a difference between smooth grinds and death. Most skateparks have coping that’s solid to grind without wax. Sure, a little may be needed now and then, but please, for the love of skate… do not use half a block on ONE rail. If you’re facepalming as we speak because this is you, grab yourself some more and try a little self-control next time you’re at the park.

4. Don’t ‘focus’ your board

board focus

We all rage out, we all get stressed trying to land tricks. However, this doesn’t equal the need to go all ‘streets of rage’ on your beloved 7-plys. If you’re reading this and it’s already too late… here are some new decks for you to perhaps love a little more.

3. Don’t be a ‘snake’


‘Snaking’ refers to the process of jumping in front of someone before they planned to go. This can be on mini ramps, ledges, quarters… essentially jumping the queue at any point! This is not O.K. Wait your turn – chances are it’ll only be a matter of seconds.

2. Don’t be a ‘one-upper’

One Up

If you’ve seen someone attempt a trick on the euro gap, mini or just practicing to no success, don’t just roll up and nail the trick expecting supreme amounts of kudos. This does not make you cool, this makes you an arse.

1. Don’t ride scooters…


Hey, kids, I’m sure you’re one of the ‘cool’ kids at school. But to the rest of the world, you’re “THAT kid”. We’re happy you’ve found a sport you like, but here’s a link to a sport you’ll love!



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